Rasul Mud - Tiled Steam Room & Treatment Area

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    A Rasul Mud Room is a combination of a steam room and mud application area to bring you a very sensual and satisfying sauna experience. The first step in your Rasul Mud Treatment is to have a dense, mineral rich mud applied to the skin before sitting down in our dual steam room to set the mud hard. The Tiled Steam Room, complete with warm tiled benches, will be sat at an ambient room temperature of 38 degrees, to help to set the mud dry before we fill the room with a fragrant hot steam to melt the mud from your skin. The third stage of the Rasul Mud Treatment will be when you have all of the Mineral Rich Mud washed away from your body by one of the many feature showers that we install to the ceiling of the mud application area

    Product Code : CA.08.0900

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