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Stranco Chemquill Injector

Stranco Chemquill Injector


The Chemquill™ Injector is designed to inject chemicals into the circulation pipework eliminating contact with pool water within the solution tube, therefore significantly reducing the build-up of scale deposits which can block the injector. In practice, no injector is completely free from build-up of scale deposits, but due to the self cleaning action of the silicon sleeve, it will last considerably longer between routine maintenance than conventional chemical injection methods.

Hose Connection - ½” OD x ⅜” EVA  &  ⅜” OD x ¼” EVA (Hose connection kit for both provided)

Pool Pipe Work Injection Point - 1/2"

Quill Length - 225mm

Suitable for Sodium Hypochlorite & Calcium Hypochlorite (3% Available Chlorine Solution)