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LMI B135-360S2 Chemical Dosing Pump

LMI B135-360S2 Chemical Dosing Pump


Model B135-360S2 LMI Dosing Pump

Maximum Output:      17 litres per hour @ 3.4 Bar.

Hose Connections:    ⅜” o.d x ¼” i.d. EVA.

Head:                        Acrylic (Visual Flow Confirmation)

Fittings:                     PVDF

Control:                     Adjustable Stoke Length and Speed.

Voltage:                    230v/1PH/50Hz


Injection/Anti-Siphon Valve

Foot Valve Assembly

4-Function Valve for; Anti-Siphon / Back Pressure (1.4Bar) /  Priming / Pressure Relief.

Click here to download the LMI B Series O&M Manual


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